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AntsandAnts K Cup Holder

AntsandAnts K Cup Holder

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Color Clear
Material Aluminum, Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, Pet
Frame Material Metal
Brand AntsandAnts
Product Dimensions 10.8"D x 9.65"W x 10.04"H

About this item

  • Every Spin Brings Infinite Joy - AntsandAnts, the world's first 2-tier individually rotating K cup holder of great ingenuity! With a simple flick, it spins ceaselessly for up to 7 laps, revolutionizing traditional mundane coffee storage into the smoothest delight ever for all coffee lovers
  • Store Coffee The AntsandAnts Way - A novel vertical design that breaks free from the limit of traditional drawer storage, making access straightforward & easy - just spin without having to repeatedly open drawers. AntsandAnts coffee pod holder adds an artistic flair to countertops while elevating space efficiency ingeniously
  • Relax with a Silent Spin - Amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life, AntsandAnts offers you a soothing ritual of soundless rotation, helping to relieve stress with its serene melody and bringing you pure tranquility to enjoy. Savor serenity and bliss in every sip - Just Give It a Spin!
  • 30 Pods In One Convenient Display - Works with K-cup only. It keeps 30 pods in one place and prevents them from flying out during rotation, turning your messy coffee corner into a pleasing and organized beverage station. A widened base ensures stability and is detachable for easy cleaning
  • Delight in Coffee Bliss - Whether it's in a kitchen, at a kitchen island, a coffee bar, or an office pantry room, the AntsandAnts k cup organizer effortlessly blends in to create an ideal corner for enjoying coffee anytime, anywhere, making it the perfect addition to your coffee bliss

Product Description

coffee pod holder
coffee pod stand
K cup hold stand
k cup organizer holder stand
K cup holder
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